“Doris Haddock is a true patriot, and our nation has been blessed by her remarkable life. Her story will entertain, inform and inspire people of all ages for generations to come.”

--Former President Jimmy Carter

“She represents all that is good in America…an incredible woman of iron will and determination. She has a unique place in American political history. We thank her for her commitment to open honest government that the American people can be proud of.”
—Senator John McCain (R., Arizona)


“She’s been an inspiration to members of congress and has served to awaken the consciousness of America in a way that would not have happened without her.”

—Representative Martin Meehan (D. Massachusetts)


“Doris Haddock set out to walk across America to protest the betrayal of democracy by money in politics. That mission she accomplished. …This is no “innocent” grandmother naively protesting a cause…Granny D is a seasoned activist, an eloquent speaker and writer and an acute observer of the world around us.”
--Bill Moyers, Journalist

Granny D. speaks at the Kennedy School, Harvard University


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