Granny D’s passion relates to our nation’s campaign finance laws, which she perceives as the greatest single problem facing our nation today.


Charles Lewis, author of “The Buying of the President 2004,” and founder of the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, succinctly summarizes Granny D’s concerns: “If I am a millionaire or a powerful corporate interest and I want to throw some money into the system, seven-figure checks, I know how to do it under the radar, in a way that is almost untrackable…The folks who write checks define who gets to run for president and decide who you will vote for…Our democracy has been hijacked by powerful interests who are unaccountable to the American people. And citizens have a right to know who they are and to decide if they want to change that. Citizens have got to take back their government. It’s supposed to be a government of, by and for the people.”

The film, on a subject that touches every American, is available for distribution.


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Granny D. with Washington representatives including Senator Barbara Boxer (right, D. California)


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